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The Sust[ai]nable Company | Paris & Montréal

1st sustainable AI services company, we are committed to create Purpose with Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission at Axionable is to help companies create sustainable value by using AI responsibly, with positive and measurable impact for their businesses and the communities.
We build AI with purpose, working together with our clients and a diverse ecosystem of Academia, NGO & Governments.

To reach our goals, we have developed an exclusive end-to-end approach to deliver sustainable value, relying on our 3 proprietary assets:

>Sust[ai]nable Strategy : our unique strategic canvas to help C-level identify sustainable sources of value and design science-based solutions to real business problems.

> Sust[ai]nable Research : our Applied Research lab dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for sustainable purposes, leveraging the best of French and Canadian AI Academia.

> Sust[ai]nable Solutions : our suite of responsible AI solutions for AWS, GCP & Azure Cloud infrastructures, relying on 6 key principles: explainability for compliance, inclusive AI, privacy, human in the loop, robustness and GreenAI.

We focus our energy on 7 use cases, where we found AI is proven to create positive impact at scale:
> Health & psychosocial risks prevention
> Tackling climate risks
> Responsible finance & banking
> Sustainable supply chain
> Energy efficiency
> Transformation of workforce with / for AI
> AI for democracy

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